• Hailey Johnson

Is a bear really chasing you?

Remember that one time a bear was chasing you?


Do you remember that?


Then why is your body acting like it?!

Our bodies are SO amazing, they can do all kinds of crazy things that ultimately keep us ALIVE. We have these really crazy hormones called the epinephrine and norepinephrine they keep our hearts beating and prepare our bodies to run from bears. We also have a hormone called acetylcholine; acetylcholine lowers our heart rate so we are able to recover from that intense run. Bringing our body back from “fight or flight” into “rest and digest”.

But here’s the PROBLEM. Because of a fun little thing called STRESS we are always in fight or flight. Our bodies are ALWAYS running from that damn bear.

No wonder you’re so tired, anxious, sleep deprived, with poor digestion and depressed (insert the sassy lady emoji).

-We’re going to pivot quickly but I promise I’ll circle back! -

Have you ever had a really cool opportunity that you were convinced was perfect for you? In fact, you were MADE to do that job?


Okay, so hold onto that feeling of disappointment when you weren’t hired for that job.

Friends, that’s how acetylcholine feels (not really because that’s not how hormones work but stay with me for a second).

Let the girl do her damn job!

I know, I know you’re SOOO busy and you’re needed EVERYWHERE. The world will absolutely fall apart if you sit down for 10 minutes (insert eye rolling emoji).

Take a deep breath (seriously. right now. in through your nose out through your mouth. okay, done? perfect.)

You are not so important that you can’t sit down and let acetylcholine do her job. The world will NOT stop spinning if you take a break.

You don’t want to be tired, anxious, sleep deprived, with poor digestions, and depressed (I told you I would circle back).

Like I said, our bodies are so cool! They do SO many amazing things, like keep us alive when there’s a bear. But sweetheart, there is no bear. Just your mother in law. Just work deadlines. Just a messy house.

But guess what?


The world will go on.

Take a damn break. Go to that yoga class. Spend an hour at your favorite coffee shop. Book that girls trip. Take 10 minutes every night to mediate.

Get your body back to rest and digest. Trust me. Acetylcholine with thank you.


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