• Hailey Johnson

Do it for you...

“New Year New You”

It never seems to fail, every year we make these crazy promises to ourselves that somehow we can turn around our ENTIRE lives with the turn of a clock handle.

“I’ll go to the gym 6 days a week”

“I will only eat broccoli and spinach”

“I will cut out all the toxic people in my life”

“I am actually going to keep my closet clean.”

Ladies… really?

I am not saying those things aren’t achievable I’m saying don’t go insane trying to achieve something you already know you can’t. If you want to go from not working out ever to working out six days a week… sweetheart your muscles are GOING to hurt. I’m not saying don’t. I’m saying push the **** through.

You are so way to strong to just quit on yourself.

Come up with a plan, and just do it.

I know you, you give up everything in your life for the betterment of others.

You cancel the workout to fit someone in. You stay up late cleaning because no one else will. Eating healthy means you have to fight with your husband and kids to get them to eat it.

I know you because I am you.

There are so many of us that give up our own goals and then with the strike of a clock expect it all to magically change.

I get it, for years I promised to do better on the first of the year only for it to all come crashing down by January 6th because I was just so dang spread thin.

That’s why we need PLANS & STRUCTURE.

Okay Susan, I know your life is crazy and you just can’t seem to find the time. If that’s your excuse make it your resolution to FIND the time. I know you have it. It’s just spent netflixing and scrolling through Facebook (we all do it).

So stop the excuses this year, if you want a “New Year New You” then create that for yourself. You are the only one that can set those boundaries. You are the only one that can drag your butt to a workout. You are the only one who can eat the salad.

It wont always be fun, but it is worth it!

Imagine a life PAIN free, GOOD digestion, going up STAIRS without huffing and puffing (I see you).

This is all really achievable just do it. Do it for you.




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